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  • kesdogg


    So my site looks good in I.E and Firefox…but…in Chrome and Safari it is all messed up….For my site, I have three columns, I have three widgets in the sidebar1, a text widget displaying an image, a Facebook Members widget, and another Social Media buttons widget, in that order. All is fine in I.E and FF, but in Chrome and Safari the last two widgets appear in the wrong place and the background color of the sidebar (white) spills into the main content column, covering up 90% of the content….please help?

    Thank you!



    Any help would be greatly appreciated…


    Syahir Hakim


    Try removing the widgets you have one by one, and see if any one of them is causing the issue.



    I tried removing widgets one by one and also taking all of the widgets out…No success…Can anyone please help??

    Thank you very much in advance…



    So I figured it out myself…In the CSS the #sidebar1 by default has a “float left” property…I removed this property and now the site looks great in all Browsers…

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