Sidebar Menu Possible?

  • meryl


    I’m doing a nonprofit org’s website and they prefer to have the menu on the side (it makes more sense) — is there an easy way to do it?



    Ah ha! I create an original menu and then used the widget to put it on the sidebar. The organization may want the sidebar to move to the left. Easy way to do it? Also, with the menu on the sidebar, how do you turn off the top menu?


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Leah,

    You would have to use CSS and child theme to do that modification.

    To hide the top menu is quite easy. Just add the following code into your child theme’s style.css file:


    To move the sidebar to the left:

    background-position:-1560px top;



    Thank you, Syahir!



    Just a note – this worked very well for me, too, except that the ID for the sidebar is perhaps different in the current code. It needs to be:


    Hopefully, this helps someone out, anyway… 🙂

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