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    I updated my old website to the Graphene Theme (LOVE it!). Initially the cosmetic surgery went well, but now I’m having post-surgery complications! I exported/imported 10 blog posts from the Twenty Fourteen Theme. Everything was fine for about a week, then suddenly the right sidebar moved beneath the blog posts. It remains in the proper place on the front page and all other pages. It only moved on the individual posts, all 10 of them.

    Is there an easy fix for this without getting involved with coding, which I know nothing about?

    BTW, I have not yet deleted the Twenty Fourteen Theme which was the home of my previous blog (simply moved it to a folder in my File Manager, C Panel). Thought maybe that’s creating problems. Would appreciate any guidance to help restore the sidebar to its original position. Thanks in advance!


    Kenneth John Odle


    You have an unclosed <div> somehwere on those posts, most likely.

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