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  • Bhradsky


    I think this is a container problem, I did not edit anything in Graphene that would cause this problem. My sidebar is appearing under my text on and everything looks to be the same scale wise compared to my new website which has no problems. Can anyone help me with this.




    Kenneth John Odle


    You probably have an unclosed <div> somewhere in one of your posts or more likely in a sidebar text widget.

    BTW, this:

    currently bare with us because we are remodeling the website!

    should be this:

    currently bear with us because we are remodeling the website!

    bear: to tolerate, to withstand

    bare: uncovered, naked



    Thank you, the sidebar worked for my old theme and I looked and didnt find anything missing. The sidebar all seemed straight


    Oh and I get this warning: at new post could this be the problem? Warning: Missing argument 1 for post_head_get_files(), called in /home/content/37/6259337/html/wp-content/plugins/postpage-headers/post-headers.php on line 92 and defined in /home/content/37/6259337/html/wp-content/plugins/postpage-headers/post-headers.php on line 104

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