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    Is there a way to modify the h3 heading of one of my widgets without it affecting all the others??

    I know that

    .sidebar h3

    is the css for these headings…but if you make a change…it changes all of the widget h3 headings….how can i modify just one of them??


    Ken, thanks for the reply. I know I can use the ID tag to modify the div….but how would I style the h3 heading in say the blog roll widget?


    Just add h3 after the id of the widget in question:

    #text-7 h3 {style elements;}


    lol…you beat me to it ken…i quickly figured it out after you pointed me in the right direction with your first post! Thanks again!! Hey one more….in the blog roll widget….i’m displaying my links with an image and a description…but the description appears underneath the image…do you know how i could modify the css to display the description first, and then the image underneath?


    I’d have to see an actual example first to know exactly what you are talking about.


    Sorry…I didn’t explain it very well. Let me try this again. If I go into the “links” panel in WordPress and create a new link….it allows me to enter both a link description and a link image. If I use the Link Widget in my sidebar….it first displays this image, then the description of the image directly underneath. I would like to reverse this is I can….so that the description of the link appears above the corresponding image for that link.


    I’ve never played around with this feature. I’ll look into it this week when I have some time.


    Is there a link to your site?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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