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    Currently all my widgets have the default white background. I would like to change one of them to have the color which surrounds the widgets – with no white margin/padding/border around it (so that the widget becomes invisible/transparent) . An image inserted into the widget would then appear to sit directly against the “surrpound color”.

    I want the “badges” at the bottom right to appear superimposed directly on the pink without any white showing.



    #execphp-2 {
    background: none; /* or #FF3D7F */
    border: none;
    box-shadow: none;



    Thanks Prasanna – a very neat solution which I have implemented.

    For the benefit of others – a friend devised another solution (not as robust because of the margin settings).

    CSS as follows:

    margin: -13px -13px 0px -13px;

    HTML as follows:

    <div class="hjr">
    html for images etc

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