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    I’ve recently downloaded the Graphene Theme and encountered the problem as in the subject. I’ve enabled the side widget and added in a few items available at the theme such as: Recent Posts, RSS, Twitter but it doesn’t display on the website. However, the “Arbitrary text or HTML” box works just fine.

    Like your theme a lot, and I hope I wouldn’t need to change to the others because of that :S It’d be wonderful to hear your advice on how to get the issue resolved.

    Million thanks.



    Syahir Hakim

    I’ve enabled the side widget and added in a few items available

    The sidebar does not have to be enabled – they’re enabled by default. Are you sure you’ve placed the widgets into the correct sidebar? It should be the one named “Sidebar Widget Area”.


    Yes. I did drag the items inside “Sidebar Widget Area”… as you may aware, I’ve gained success in pasting the Amazon HTML code inside the “Arbitrary text or HTML” widget that I put on the right hand side of my website…


    Syahir Hakim


    Not sure what’s happening there. Try deactivating all plugins you have to see if it’s a plugin conflict?


    problem solved. I’ve put all widgets that I want in the “Sidebar Widgets” rather than “Secondary…”. Yet, I was wondering… what’s the use of “Secondary” if it’s not displayed by default?

    Thanks a lot.


    Syahir Hakim


    The theme can be configured to have one-, two-, and three-columns. The “Sidebar Two Widget Area” is displayed when you’re using a three-column layout, or a two-column layout with the sidebar on the left hand side.

    If the column settings is only set globally at the theme’s options, of course we can do a simple check and disable the other widget area depending on the column setting. But you can also set a different column setting for individual pages, and having to check for those on every page load is an overhead not worth the gain.

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