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  • dagray112


    Love your theme! I would like to show the profile paragraph in the sidebar. It looks like there is coding to do this when I look at the editor function for the sidebar but I’m not sure how I activate this (I’m nervous to play w coding – I know nothing about programming!)

    I made a payment to you via PayPal and want to encourage you to make the donation option more prominent in your info. I think it was at the bottom of a page and also, you mentioned it in a post response but didn’t provide the link. Don’t be afraid to be more forward with this info. You have put in a lot of work on this theme and it’s good karma (!) for everyone who uses it to pay you something. Cheers.


    Syahir Hakim


    You can use the Text widget to add the profile paragraph in the sidebar.

    And thanks for the donation! Also, you’ll find that in the next version, the donate button will be more prominent.

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