Showing off & Need Suggestions

  • Anonymous


    Please check out our new site built on Graphene:

    If anyone is doing something similar for an ethnic marketing agency, we would welcome any suggestions.




    Kenneth John Odle


    Interesting site, definitely.

    On individual posts, the comment stuff is pushing right up against the left of the content area, touching the dark background. It looks a little crowded. You might want to add in some padding.

    Your images on the front page (either in the slider or down below) aren’t showing up because you’re hotlinking the pics. They’ll show up if you serve them from your own server. (You really shouldn’t hotlink, anyway.)

    I would suggest using pretty permalinks, along with Google ads that fit in the designate area a little better (without all the whitespace on either side).

    A good start, however. Very good.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Also, for posts like this one, rather than just a simple (and boring) link, you might try the WP Lynx plugin. You can do things like this:

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