• stephenwiggs


    This really isn’t a theme feature I’m requesting, but after reading this post, I realized that since this theme is so easily customized and because there is a lot of support and enthusiasm for it, it would be great to have a showcase where people can show off what they are doing with this theme.

    At the very least, we could say “whoa, that’s cool” and at the most we could explain how we did what we did. Perhaps this could be a subforum here?



    Great idea, I’m looking forward to this.


    Kenneth John Odle


    We would need some guidelines to prevent it becoming all spammy. Maybe, title of the site is the post title, and then you would have to describe the changes you made and how you made them.


    Syahir Hakim


    Spam is my only concern about this. Plus the fact that one of the criteria that the forum use in combating spam posts is by looking at how many links are included in a post.

    Though I suppose having to describe the changes you made is a bit of a burden on the poster’s side. Changes may not be easily described, particularly if it’s a substantial one.

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