Show Post Excerpt on Front Page Not Working

  • doogy_64


    I have the show excerpt on front page option checked and it was working until today. Can someone please tell me how to fix this. I don’t want the full blog post to show of my front page.



    For some reason this feature stopped working when I installed the Mylive Signature plug in. I uninstalled it and things are working fine now.



    A small suggestion….

    Which version of WordPress are you using? You want to be cautious about installing plugins which are not shown to support your current version of WordPress. (This doesn’t mean they won’t necessarily work, however they usually use an outdated language construct and may impose problems to wordpress core files).

    When you are viewing a plugin, and considering a download, take a look at the box just below the download link. Here, you will see what version of WordPress the plugin is tested to be compatible up to.

    I use WordPress 3.2.1 and I try to stay away from any plugin only compatible with versions below 3.0



    Syahir Hakim


    Be sure to let the plugin author know as well. Will help everyone in the long run 🙂



    Nice philosophy… forgot to mention that 🙂

    Hey Syahir… may I please have a new membership level?? Maybe something like “Graphene Junkie” or “Graphene Apprentice”… idk… something silly, yet clever. I don’t consider myself a mod, so I don’t think that title would be appropriate.

    Same membership level, just a unique name. I like the forum here, and I intend on staying for a while (as long as I don’t wear my welcome).



    Syahir Hakim


    There you go! Don’t start selling crack, or I’ll have to boot you out! 😀



    lmao… you’re funny!

    No, I don’t do that anymore… not since the…

    “… the great fire of 1989 that supposedly started in my garage when that chipmunk ingested some fertilizer and then fell into a can of kerosene instantly turning him into a flying, fluffy little Molotov cocktail that set a blaze leveling the whole neighborhood west of Newton’s hardware store.”

    Thanks yo!!

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