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    I did a search in the forum for the issue I’d like addressed and found one thread about it. However, the thread required the ID of the posts. What I’d like to do is have 6 items showing on my slider. Currently it works fine, but one of the items I’d like to always appear among the 6 items. I have it categorized as sticky, but the moment I add a new entry in the slider, that item goes away. I looked at the slider options but didn’t see a way to get the sticky to remain there. I only see the option to choose a category or a specific post. In my case I want the category to remain there plus one single sticky post. Is that possible?




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    Not just “out of the box” solution.

    Maybe to add some slider plugin that already have that possibility and replace graphene slider with that plugin slider.



    Is it possible to add the sticky post to a sticky category then use the slider to display both?


    Is it possible to add the sticky post to a sticky category then use the slider to display both?

    That is already what I have set up. My slider only shows one category. The sticky post is in that category. However, it is not sticking. The slider is set to show 6 items. The sticky item is older than those 6 items and no longer shows up in the slider.




    You’re right

    I just tried editing the publishing date of a post to make it appear at the top – that should work but you’ll have to do it on a daily basis

    There’s a stick to the front page option but that doesn’t seem to affect the slider

    I also tried putting the sticky post in one category all the rest in another category and making one the parent of the other

    also without success




    Thanks for the suggestion and for trying, too. Yes, changing the post date is an option. I might just do that. Too bad that “sticky” does not really do the job.



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