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    Hello all,

    after a few weeks of trying out different themes, ending up with this GEM, tweaking it into my needs and asking a LOT of questions for being a complete NOOB, I’m finally ready to show off… Not that I changed the theme dramatically, but everyone is welcome to take a look. DON’T HESITATE TO MAKE A COMMENT ON THIS POST 🙂 I am curious what you all think!

    I have to warn; It’s in Dutch, so most of you won’t understand what it’s about. If there’s anyone who knows how to translate the site in an easy way, let me know, we’d love to have one in English.

    “We”? Yes I said “we”. The site is about a Dutch band: TwoWay Society (Interactive Rock) meaning that we’re trying to get out of our comfort zones and share everything with everyone from the beginning. So you’ll get an insiders look from scratch. This means the musicians have to share ideas and all, and what a nice way blogging is to achieve the “share-the-story”-part, which led me straight to WordPress (and Graphene)

    Anyway; special thanks to the mods that keep this forum running (Josh, Prassana and last but not least MR Syahir!!), without them I’d still be lost in the codex not knowing what to do!

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