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  • rleonard


    Hello all & thanks for visiting my post!

    First off, thanks for the theme, I think it’s awesome.

    My site is

    I would appreciate any suggestions to make it nicer…

    Question.. I can’t get the image slider to work for me. I will continue searching this blog on the topic so if it’s fixed please ignore this part.



    Hi Fitness Coach,

    The site looks good, like what you did with it. Here are my suggestions.

    1. The Pop-up Capture on the home page comes up too quickly, you may want to delay that a bit.

    2. When you click on some off your tabs/pages on the top, the other pages/tabs are no longer available to click on at the top, you may want to make those available. This will make it easier for visitors to browse your entire site.

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    Best of luck my friend!


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