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  • amoza87



    Thanks a lot for yor wonderful theme. I have a question about excerpts.

    Is it possible to display the excerpts in two columns ?

    I searched around the web but i didn’t find a way to make it.

    Can you help me please ?

    Thanks in advance.



    Anyone please. I really need help.

    Thanks in advance.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support. Please be sure to post in the correct section.

    Excerpts are used in a lot of different places: in the slider, in archive pages, on the homepage panes. Where is is that you would like them displayed in two columns?



    Sorry for answering 2 days later.

    My question was about the homepage. What i want to do is to display excerpts in two columns, on the homepage.



    I am not using a static page for the homepage. I would like to keep the slider unchanged, but i want the excerpts to be displayed in two columns. Do you guys have a solution ?

    Thanks in advance.



    I’m pretty sure you would need to use a static front page. Then use the HomePage Panes in the Graphene Options.

    You can read here about the proper way of setting up a static home page properly:


    Give it a shot and post back with your results.

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