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    I used to label and organize all my posts as TAGS …. now moving everything to my new (replacement & still under construction) domain I am going to use CATEGORIES. The TAGS each post was assigned were visible at the end of each post whereas I don’t see the same for CATEGORIES. Is there a way to show which CATEGORY is listed for each post? Example below:

    Old blog post with TAGS listed:

    New (same) blog post with CATEGORIES NOT listed (or tags because I don’t use them now):


    Kenneth John Odle


    Tags and categories are not either/or. There is a purpose and reason for both, so you don’t have to pick one or the other.

    Categories will show at the top of a post automatically.

    You can use a Graphene action hook widget area and a PHP widget to add categories to the end of a post. How familiar are you with either of these?



    Right … I know some of the differences between categories/tags – a few were driving me to make the change.

    I don’t see any categories showing up at the top of my posts … top is fine – doesn’t need to be the bottom … I’m not too familiar with custom PHP widgets…


    Kenneth John Odle


    In that case, go to Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Post Display Options and make sure the box labeled “Hide post categories” is not ticked.

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