Shortcodes – making them available to users

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    The Graphene theme includes some shortcode insertion buttons to add test blocks such as “important” etc.

    I would like to give my contributors the ability to use these features within their blogs and forum posts. Is there an easy way to do this? I’m assuming it is dependent on them having a permission within their user profile.


    Kenneth John Odle


    If they have the ability to create a blog post on your WordPress install, or on your multisite install, they can use those as long as they are using the Graphene theme.

    I’m not sure about using them in a forum. Which forum plugin are you using?

    Of course, you can always try this in a test post in the forum and see if it shows up. I don’t think you would need to enable any sort of permissions or anything. The Graphene code is unique enough that it shouldn’t be overridden.

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    That’s not how it’s working on my site. If I login as Admin then I get these buttons in both New Post view and Add topic view in bbpress. but if I login as contributor that userdoes not see the buttons for either add post or add topic.

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