Shortcode Causes Footer Problem on Front Page

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    My front page uses shortcode. Specifically, the shortcode is “AFO Login Widget.” The page contains ONLY this shortcode, and nothing other than [login_widget] appears in my WP page editor.

    There is no problem with my main site/theme, but when the page is viewed by mobiles (Neo theme) there is a white space added to the bottom of the footer. I can’t inspect the white space for some reason, and therefore I’m unable to hide it with CSS.

    I experimented with the page to determine that the shortcode is causing the problem. When I do anything else with the page, such as using my About page as the homepage, the white space does not appear.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, how did you resolve it?




    I have noticed that the white space appears on another page as well, so this is not an issue with the plugin.

    I was able to inspect the page showing the white space, and it’s an element called .jPanelMenu appearing below the footer.

    I tried to hide it by adding this:

    .jPanelMenu {
    display: none;}

    But that doesn’t solve the problem, that makes the whole page white.

    Anyone know how I can get rid of that white space?



    I was off on the solution. I sorta solved it by doing this:

    .footer-text {
    padding-bottom: 10px;

    But if I swipe up (neo) I can still end up with a weird white space on the bottom of the screen. Honestly, I’ve only been testing with my Android phone, but I will be testing a variety of other mobile devices soon, and will have more test results if anyone is interested. My fix listed above makes the initial page-load smooth. (no white space below the copyright info)

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