Short explanation needed how to extend the menu and add widgets

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    Im using the Graphene theme and need more information how to extend the standard menu of the theme. Right now if you look at my website you will see only two sections (archives and meta).

    1. What do I need to do in order to add my own menu structure there? e.g. do I need to change the code?

    2. I am using the Xhanch – My Twitter (plugin) together with this theme, however, I cannot see this plugin or any other plugin on the homepage. What do I need to change or configure in order to make the plugins visible?

    Many thanks.



    Syahir Hakim


    For menu, go to Appearance > Menus in WordPress admin.

    For the plugin widgets, go to Appearance > Widgets in WordPress admin. For plugin settings and instruction, go to the plugin’s page.



    Hi thanks for your reply.

    There’s something wrong with my WP admin installation as I cannot see:

    Appearance > Menus

    Appearance > Widgets

    What could be the reason? And how can I solve this problem?

    Do I need to reinstall the WP again?

    Many thanks



    checked my WP installation directory and can confirm that both files do not exist on my server.

    What could caused that? But even more important how to solve it?




    added the missing files manually but they still do not show up when call is made as suggested above.

    Any clues?



    Hmm, login & hit links:

    I didnt se the first time. Your WP is installed in subdir wp to root.

    But thats also okay. I think next Graphene will have Options menu

    in WP 3.1 Admin bar 🙂


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