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    Have a look at the site and share any help/criticism/etc.


    Kenneth John Odle



    Thanks for sharing your blog with us. I LOVE your header image, especially the neon text and old-fashioned microphone.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    Front page: Your “ourpeople2.jpg” image is pushed to the right, creating an unnecessary horizontal scroll. You should edit this so that it doesn’t float, which will make it appear below the raccoon picture. (That is hilarious, by the way.)

    Background image: I would make it a bit smaller, say 1200px high, and then set it as a fixed, rather than scrolling background.


    When I click on each of your posts, there is a “Find us on Facebook” widget very near the top of the post which actually cuts your post title in half. For some strange reason, it doesn’t link to your show on Facebook, but to the Facebook Platform. You might want to put this in a sidebar, rather than putting it into each post.

    Also, the “Coming Soon: Live Streaming Audio” image looks great in the left sidebar on the home page, but because you have a different layout for posts, it extends past the sidebar. I noticed that you used this code to include it:

    img src=""
    style="max-width: 234px;max-height: 300px;"

    For max-width: try 200px or less. You shouldn’t have to worry about the maximum height. (Ditto for the “City of Painesville” image.)

    The links in your “Social Sharing Toolkit” widget on the top of the right sidebar aren’t correct. They just lead to those sites, rather than to your page on those sites.

    As far as the content of your posts, you have an image and a “Click to read” link, but it would be cool if you added some of your own commentary–what you think about the article you are linking to and why your readers should read it.

    Other than that, I love the site. Can’t wait until you get the streaming audio. (I am curious as to how you are doing this, as well.)

    There is definitely a learning curve to blogging. I hope this helps. Any problems or questions, feel free to post them in the “Support” section.

    Welcome aboard,


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