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    it seems that sharing images on twitter does not carry a header image properly

    facebook however does not seem to be problematic, this seems to be uniquely with twitter

    default thumbnail is 150×150, medium is 300×300 and large is 1024×1024 with a clean install of wordpress

    I wonder if there is some issue either with the Graphene theme or WordPress itself


    Syahir Hakim


    Please share a sample post/URL where sharing posts on Twitter result in incorrect image display so that we can take a look and investigate.



    I would love it to have the feature image shown with width and height tags to fit it better to keep lists of games reviews more even


    Syahir Hakim


    I’m not seeing any featured image on the website. Did you turn off the featured image feature?



    The feature image is enabled

    I have reset the them recently and checked everything



    I noticed some posts with large images in them, this must be the feature image you mentioned, I have that turned off as I use the theme at 2000 pixels wide. Insteal I use a manual image in a given post.

    Because the layout customization is a cripped feature the feature image idea does not work well.

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