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  • mvallarino


    Hi, I am having problems when sharing on facebook. When I first opened my site and I shared on facebook a photo and the first few words of the post would show. Now when I click share on to my facebook page the photo and first words are not showing. Please help!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Some thoughts:

    1) Have you changed the code you use for the share button?

    2) Have you changed your permalinks setup?

    3) Have you installed, deleted, or updated any plugins?

    In other words, what have you done between the time it worked well and now?

    Why not just use ordinary AddThis sharing code, which works just fine (I use it on my blogs with no problems)?

    (Also, you have so many photos in your posts, you might want to consider using extracts on your front page, which takes a while to load.)

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