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    I have a question regarding the positioning of my sharethis social buttons….currently I have them set to show at the bottom of my posts.

    When I write a post, I always follow the same format…I show an image, and then text underneath of the image…and then the sharethis buttons show up underneath my post text. Looks good.

    But when these posts are shown in excert view (for example, when viewing in category archives), the position of the sharethis buttons always varies (up/down) depending on how long the text is. This is because the image is now to the left of the text, instead of above it. If there is a lot of text…it looks fine. But if there is only a line or two of text…then the sharethis buttons move up in position to sit right below the excerpt text…and it looks weird because the excerpt image is a lot bigger in height. So when you look at all the excerpts…the up/down position of the sharethis buttons is always different depending on the amount of text written in the post.

    Is there a way to position the sharethis buttons so that they always appear at the bottom of the post (for example, 10px above the bottom border)…in both normal and excerpt views….no matter how much text was written within the post??



    You can try using an action hook, although I’m not sure how it will work in the excerpt view… but it’s worth experimenting 🙂

    If you have no clue what action hooks are; please check out Ken’s awesome tutorial here:



    Thanks Josh…I was considering an action hook…but wanted to ask around before I started playing with it…thanks again.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Keep in mind that most sharing buttons (unless you use their API, if they have one) will link to the page on which they are displayed, even if it is a page of excerpts–in which case the buttons from each excerpt will all link to that excerpt page, not to the individual posts from which they are excerpted.

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