Sharethis icons in home page slider and pane?

  • raindance


    Can I hide the share this icons on the home page slider posts?

    And can I hide the Graphene options driven social sharing buttons, the smaller ones, in the top right of the Do You Travel Juicy pane on the home page?

    And can I hide the ambrose links on the Do You Travel Juicy part?

    In other words, how can I control what shows up on the home page?

    In the home page slider section of Graphene Options I’ve got it set to show specific posts/pages, thumbnail + excerpt. Then I’ve got the text in the excerpt box on the page edit page.

    I just want the text and image for the slider and the pane on the home page, not the links and social media icons.

    Thanks in advance.



    Add to child css:

    .slider_post_entry p {
    display: none;
    margin-bottom: 10px;

    NOTE: Not sure how this is going to affect the text.



    I’m not sure how you get things to show up on just the homepage. I’m sure it is a function, but I’m not sure how to do that one.



    Yeah that removes the text too…

    I just want to get rid of the social media stuff in the sliders and pane below.

    Thanks though…




    Right. I think you need to add a function for the <div> you are using in your posts for the sharing media icons.

    You want to tell it to display only on posts and not on slider.

    No idea where to begin… Anyone? This would be useful to me also.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Something like this, maybe?

    .slider_post_entry.add_this_right {display:none;}

    or whatever your class is for your sharing icons.



    Thanks Ken…couldn’t get it to work. I just disabled them for now. I can’t figure out what the container for them is, even with Firebug so I can’t figure out how to control them anywhere. So for now I just turned them off.

    Thanks again

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