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    my site sharing buttons not working.i try to add diffrent buttons from diffrent site but no one is working.some one chek my site and tel me exact problem?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Please tell us HOW are you trying to add buttons:

    • Which site are you getting the code from?
    • How are you adding it to your site?



    If you are using the JetPack to load those sharing options, disable the JetPack sharing and re-enable it. Now clear the browser history, After the last update, there were issues because people didn’t clear the browser history.




    i get buton code from

    i don’t know whats wrong with my theme ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    from 1 or 2 week i am soo much upset..i never change anything.i loose so many viewrs..

    i just download latest version and now everything is lost………

    my site is just look like crap

    graphene theme option not working…when ever i chnage anything or clik save,i can’t see any change in my theme

    i add share buttn code in graphene option and now when i try to remove this code and clik safe button,i see this error (ERROR: Bad URL entered for the Google URL.)

    my content width can’t change after reinstall theme…

    plz help me :(((

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