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  • MarianneTopping



    To setup the Graphene Mobile theme, I go to Appearance > Theme > Graphene Mobile > Live preview
    But to save these settings, I have to click the button “Save and activate”.
    But, of course, I do not want to activate this theme, so how do I save the settings 🙂

    Also, do I not need to activate the API key anywhere?

    Love from Denmark
    – Marianne



    – actually, I can’t really find where all the options are, shown on the purchase page 🙂


    Syahir Hakim


    The options for Graphene Mobile are located at WP Admin > Appearance > Graphene Mobile. As outlined in the Installation Instructions, you should not activate Graphene Mobile. Graphene will automatically detect the presence of Graphene Mobile and load it when required.

    The API Key can be activated from the Graphene Mobile options page as well. This is needed in order to receive future updates for the theme.

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