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    I am trying to set up a static home page and have come pretty close but there are a couple blogs showing up in the home page when I view the site. The blog page works well and it appears I can add new content to the home page but I don’t know how to get rid of unwanted posts on home page.

    I read the following about fixing this issue but I have no idea how to do this:

    “Some themes have a top navigation bar containing links to Pages. By default most themes set “Home” as a link to the home page – in this case the static front page. Since you have created a separate page with the title “Home”, there is a likelihood of having two “Home” links in your menu.

    To remedy this, edit the appropriate template file featuring the code of the navigation bar with the template tag wp_list_pages. In 99.9% of WordPress themes, this is the header.php file. Set the parameters to change the link title. In some cases, commenting (disabling) or removing the the line in the theme’s code that displays the ‘Home’ link will do the trick. “

    Is there an easy fix for this?


    Syahir Hakim


    Go to WP Admin > Pages and delete the “Home” page.

    Or if you’re trying to set the “Home” page as the static front page, you might want to use the Custom Menu feature for the navigation menu, instead of using the default navigation menu. Check out WP Admin > Appearances > Menus.

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