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    First of all, what a wonderful theme! The site I’m working on is (at the moment I’m writing this) not ready with the looks that I want. Thought that I’d start with structure and all.. In the process I’m learning, al lot πŸ™‚

    The site is mentioned to be a interactive bandsite (a site for a band). The idea is that all bandmembers write posts, and of course “the band” writes posts. So there’ll be 5 authors, being the singer, the drummer, the guitarist, the bassist and “the band”.

    The band’s posts should go on the frontpage (exclude all the others). I’ve given set up pages through the admin’s add page thing, but found out that this is some sort of a post.

    What I want to do is to show all posts on the bandmembers pages. So the posts written by author X goes on page X. Looked around in the theme’s templates, found the authorpage.php (and a lot of other templates), but I don’t now what to do with it. Let’s be straight on this: I’m a noob on PHP…

    So, can anyone “guide” me through this? Tell me what to do in Noob language?


    #22437 (the page I’m referring to). I know, it’s butt-ugly at the moment, first things first…



    You can create a category for each section (singer, drummer, lead, bass, band). Then, as each member creates a new post, make sure to assign it to the corresponding category.

    Then, you can set which category to display on the home page (ie. band).

    You can also create a custom menu, using your categories, to display in a widget or as a secondary menu across the top of the page. This menu will show: Singer, Drummer, Lead, Bass, Band (or however you want it). When you click one of these “Categories”, it will take you to an archive page where all posts relating to that category are displayed.



    Again thank you for taking the time. Fortunately musicians are very creative, unfortunately the ones I have to work with will forget to choose a category πŸ™

    If I can set up (through template paging -> what I was trying to -> see other post) a query, based upon author_ID and put it in the templates loop… I wonder what would happen… Have to make templates for all the author’s needing their own page. Once I get it done the first time, it’ll be like ‘copy-paste’ and changing the id numbers. right?

    I found this somewhere:

    $temp = $wp_query;
    $wp_query= null;
    $wp_query = new WP_Query();
    $wp_query->query('showposts=5&cat=383&author_name=' . $page_author . '&paged=' .$paged);

    But I’m not really sure what will happen and where to put this code, the author_ID (or user_ID) or what $page_author means…

    hmm… Still need some help I guess



    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for the help, I did what you suggested and this works fine with me, also made a custom menu, that’s just fine. Got two more questions:

    1) Is there a way to auto-assign categories to authors? So, when Author_guitarist writes a post, the post gets the category_guitarist automatic? This way it I don’t have to worry about authors forgetting to check their category.

    2) slightly a bit more important; How can I get rid of these sidebars? Is a category-page automatic showing my chosen frontpage-design with 2 sidebars? Chose that in the appearance->graphene options->display->column options. Thought that was just for frontpage, but maybe I’m wrong on that…

    Again, thanks for helping me out here!



    1. Hmmmm… maybe give this plugin a try?

    2. I’m not sure what you are asking here. The only way to adjust column templates (for beginners) is only available on POSTS. You can not change different templates on PAGES. You can, however, get a plugin which allows you to determine which widgets to display on which pages.



    On 1: THANKS!!! that works just fine!

    On 2: Ok, maybe my terminology is a bit off key πŸ™‚ When I create a new page I can use templates (e.g. one column, no sidebars; two columns, sidebar right; etc..) through “page attributes”. Now I’m displaying posts by category (thanks to your advice) and linked to the categories by custom header (also thanks to your advice; Man! You’re worth GOLD).

    If I choose a category I want to look at, I click the ‘link'(not sure if I’m using the right term here) in the “custom menu” and I’m seeing the chosen category. So far so good, except for the sidebar issue. That’s why I started with trying a new template-page in the first place, but that got messed up, ending with performing your advices. (once again; thank you for that!!!) all i have to figure out is how to get rid of these sidebars. Don’t know if it’s a widget thing, since I haven’t assigned any yet…



    Send me an admin level username and password. I’ll take a quick look. I’m not sure why those are being duplicated.

    Use my contact form here to send the info securely:

    Do you want the left or right set on there, or do you want them gone completely?



    In the categories; Gone.. thanks. I’ve just send you the pass. Could you tell me how you’ve solved it, when you’re done? Or how I should solve it.. Am not expecting you to solve it for me πŸ™‚



    Okay, it will disappear as soon as you add a widget into the area. I’ve inserted your blogroll into each sidebar so you can see what I’m talking about.

    Do you want these sidebar areas gone altogether, and just have one column for your content?

    Or do you plan on adding widgets to the left and right areas?

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