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    I didn’t really know where to put this question. but I’m just wondering how to set up a forum on my wordpress website? a froum let’s say like this forum.

    does anybody know how to do that?

    your help is greatly appreciated.





    Try bbPress. It is natively supported in Graphene Theme.

    bbPress plugin –

    This forum runs on Standalone version of bbPress. But development of the Standalone version is stopped.



    Tanks for your help.

    May I ask how could I run bbpress on a subdomain on my website.

    I have graphene theme and have created a subdomain named “forum” on my host. in fact, I want to have an address like and install bbpress on that.



    I guess you can either use your FTP to upload the forum script file to the subdomain directory then running it. I’m sure you can find tutorial on that on their site.

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