Set Slider width, center it, and no image tiling

  • Egidio



    I’ve been trying to get the slider on my photoblog to show only one photo instead of tiling it. My page width is 960 px (no sidebars). The slider takes the full page width, but since my photos are only 800 px wide, they all tile a little on the right side. Ideally I’d like the photos to stretch to the full 960 px. Alternatively, I could also try to have the slider only the size of the photo width. I found through a search here that I can adjust the width of the slider. Here’s the code I found in the forum:

    .featured_slider {
    width:800px !important;

    The problem is that the slider leaves a blank space on the right side. How can I center the slider?

    The website address is Through Brazilian Eyes.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.




    Hi Egidio,

    Add this to your Custom CSS:

    .featured_slider {
    width: 800px !important;
    margin-left: 80px !important;}

    Hope that’s what you are after.


    P.S. Your photos are just incredible! I want to go to Frio River and Mission Concepción right now…. 🙂




    Thanks for the code and compliment. It’s working nicely!


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