Set default in 'Front page posts categories' to avoid empty main page

  • moon


    I’m helping a friend to set up a site with Graphene. Great theme, really!

    But her main page was empty. Only the sidebar was visible.

    It took me some time to figure out that

    ‘Front page posts categories’ had nothing selected. As soon as I clicked on -DISABLED- and saved, everything was back to normal again.

    Suggestion: When saving the options, if no category is selected, enforce -DISABLED- to be set.

    I had this issue with Graphene 1.5.4


    Syahir Hakim


    This issue came about when we changed the default value for the front page post categories from “disabled” to an empty array, but somehow in some server the value stayed as “disabled”. I’ve never experienced the bug myself, but have had quite a number of reports about it as well.

    It’s not a high priority item though, since it seems to be a one-off thing. Once you set it back to disabled, it won’t happen again (hopefully).

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