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    Just wondering if someone can recommend a few SEO ideas that work well with the graphene theme…..should I be looking into using a plugin for this??



    I use Google XML Sitemap Generator. I am most pleased with the plugin.

    A lot of my pages rank on the first page of google when using various keyword searches.

    There may be other, better ones out there; but this one has helped me tremendously.



    + this plugin:- WordPress SEO by Yoast:



    Hey Josh,

    Just curious, did you have to make any adjustments in the options for the google xml sitemap plugin, or did you just leave everything as default? I’ve had it for a few days now and i’m still not showing up in google….maybe google hasn’t indexed my page yet??



    I don’t think I had to adjust any of the settings. What does it say at the top of the admin area when you click on XML-Sitemap?

    Does it say your sitemaps were built and the search engines have been successfully notified?



    Yep it does….had the plugin for about 5 days now…but no results yet in google…but the site has been in maintenance mode so i wonder if this affects google’s ability to find it…..i’m using a maintenance plugin. I guess i’ll find out when i take it out of maintenance mode!



    1. Add your site to Google for indexing –

    2. Add the URL of the above sitemap (wwwDOTyoursiteaddress/sitemap.xml) in Google Webmaster tools :

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