sensitivity swipe adjustable?

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    I really like graphene mobile neo. Just bought it two days ago but I am pretty pleased with it.

    At first i had swipe for navigating posts enabled.I asked a friend to just have a look at the new mobile theme on his android and he was complaining about these unintended swipes. I had noticed the same behaviour: if I do not swipe straight down on my iPhone – even just a tiny tiny bit to the left or right – the swipe action was activated. just the natural curve of the thumb with a one hand operated iPhone will trigger it…

    After these experiences I disabled the swipe function. A pity for it is pretty need to have people seeing more posts…

    Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity of the swipe activation? from 45-135 degrees is right swipe, 135-225 degrees is scroll down, 225- 315 is left swipe and 315- 45 degrees is scroll up?


    Jan Willem


    Syahir Hakim


    The script that we use do have configurable options in terms of sensitivity, but we didn’t expose this in the theme’s options as it is quite an advanced option that’s not really straightforward. We’ll investigate this sensitivity issue further and make tweaks as necessary.



    Please let me know when you have decreased horizontal sensibility, or when you decide not to.

    Jan willem



    I have activated the swipe function and it appears to be less sensitive to my swipes not being perfectly vertical. If you changed the parameters than thank you, otherwise the problem seems solved magically.


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