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  • sylvia


    I’m not using the main navigational menu….I have it hidden and i am using the secondary menu option instead with one of my custom menus. Is there a way to get the search bar widget to locate within the secondary menu? I’m assuming an action hook…but i can’t figure out which one?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!





    That puts the search bar in the main navigational menu. It is disabled on my site as I am using a secondary custom menu. Can this search box be put in the secondary menu?



    @ soapy, let’s keep the topic in a single thread, rather than spread it out across multiple threads. It will aid those searching the same answers in the future. Thanks.

    Okay, what’s your website url so I can see what you’re working with.




    Thanks for your reply….sorry about the multiple threads….I was just able to achieve what I need by using an action hook directly underneath the secondary menu….and then applying a negative TOP attribute to move it up in the secondary menu…seems to be functioning well…thanks though!

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