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    Again, repeating my colleagues here, THANK you, not for just a great theme, but for superior support!

    My problem is with the Navigation menu & the recommended control of descriptions via the “Screen Options”

    – The navigation bar is doubled & the 2nd row has no background and cannot be read.

    – Can the font size be changed? That also makes the menu bigger.

    – I went to screen options & checked description so I could remove them, but the option does not show under the page dropdown menu. I like the inclusion of a description, but have been unable to make it one word or get the full navigation on one row.

    Thanks again!


    Syahir Hakim


    Please update to version 1.4.1.



    I currently have 1.4.1 installed. This occured following the update.


    Syahir Hakim


    Have you followed my instructions here on how to delete the description?:



    Also on the navigation bar, when I am on the frontpage, and after visiting the “Natural Disasters” page and back, both the “Home” and the “Natural Disasters” tabs are highlighted.



    Ah, you are right here. Thank you. Yes I did. I checked “Description” under the “Screen Options”, but there never appeared an area under the pages to edit it…just the “Navigation Level”, etc are visible.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hurm..seems like something is messing with the javascript WordPress is using for that on/off feature. Try deactivating all plugins at once and see if the Description area appear when you check on Description.



    Thank you so much! Yes, one of the plug-ins was interfering. I’ll let you know which one as I activate them one at a time.

    Is it possible to change the font size or have it not bold (if it is)?

    The only other problem I’m having is that the two tabs I mentioned above remain highlighted afternavigating back to Home.


    Syahir Hakim


    Regarding the font size and style, see this topic:

    The reason why both the Home and Natural Disasters menu item is highlighted is because you’re using the “Ongoing Recovery” page as a static front page. Since Ongoing Recovery is in the submenu of “Natural Disasters”, hence it is highlighted as well.

    Also, I noticed that you have repeating menu items in the primary menu which also appears in the secondary menu. Example: Critical Threats, Conflicts, and Human Concerns. It would probably be better if you remove them from the Primary Menu since they’re already there in the Secondary Menu.



    Yes, I was considering resolving the problem by making a secondary menu. We have region & country pages in progress, and although being categorized by country and by language in dropdowns, I’m thinking of creating the secondary menu for regions and global concerns as opposed to types of disasters. I have learned that this information is not being made available and we may find a way to utilize phones donated to rural areas with disaster info. Although my conrades and I responded to the new Zealand event, I have no 1stAid or disaster infor in Malay…just making note.

    But enough about me…so sorry…very passionate about our work.

    Yes, we will remove the duplicated items. And I’ll check out the font page. My colleague (more familiar with code) will try it out for us. 😉

    Thanks again!


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