Second column appears under the first colum.

  • ncshvdavid


    First off, love the template.

    I just installed it a few days ago, and my other authors loved the layout.

    While changing the widgits around. I ended up having the right column appear under the main column

    Looking at other posts, I saw where there might be a </div> tag missing in a widgit. I took all the widgits out, and the problem remains.

    If I place both minor columns on the same side, they are on top of each other.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Looks okay to me now, other than the fact that there are no widgets there. Try refreshing your browser cache.

    Try replacing them one at a time, making sure to clear browser and server caches in between, to see if you can nail down which one might be the issue.



    Thank you for looking.

    I took them all down

    I added one to each column.

    The facebook likes to the left, and the recent posts to the right hand side.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Okay, it’s not an unclosed <div>. Your “content-main” area is too wide.

    Rather than enter numbers for column widths, you should just use the sliders. The theme will then accommodate for any padding and margins.

    Reset the the values for your column widths by deleting the values in the boxes and clicking save. Then, adjust the column widths using the sliders.



    Thank you so much.

    It worked like a charm!

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