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    I don’t know if this is intentional…but there is a carriage return between the date and post/page title in the search results page.

    It is either for pages or posts … can’t remember which…. but the difference is noticable…. Otherwise..great theme….and if works on IE 6 ….

    Thanks again


    Syahir Hakim


    This is a CSS styling bug. Fixed and will be available in the next update.



    Syahir ~ Magnificent work! Thank you for making Graphene available for us all.

    A follow up question regarding search results: While the search function currently checks my blog folder ( when searching, how might it be tweaked to include other folders, as well (e.g.; in what is being searched?




    love your work!

    with respect to the search feature, is there a way to have it include in its search parameters a blog and/or website that’s NOT part of the blog using graphene?

    hoping so.


    Syahir Hakim


    The built-in WordPress search function performs the search on the database content, and not the website’s HTML. Therefore, no you can’t include a blog and/or website that’s not part of the WordPress installation.

    You can probably use Google Custom Search for what you’re trying to achieve.



    Thank you, sir. I reached the same conclusion researching the matter last night. Again, though, I love your work.




    First, thanks for this great template and all the work !

    I’ve found an other little bug with the search box :

    When the search result return posts and pages, the date is not removed for the pages (unlike the other ways to display pages where the date is removed).

    An idea to resolve this (or to add an option to do this) ?



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