search result lists, category archive lists show "string contains: " at top

  • dianaascher


    For some reason, when pages are listed either in search results or in category archives, some code that I can’t see in the text of the pages appears at the top of each page displayed: string contains: < –h1– >. How can I get rid of this? The pages, when shown in full size individually, do not display the code.



    Temporarily disable all plugins to check if any of the plugins is adding that.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This could arise from one of your plugins recognizing the use of the <article> element, which is relevant only in HTML5. Graphene’s doctype is XHTML 1 Strict. You should not use the <article> element with XHMTL.



    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your quick responses. Looks like it is the WP Members plugin causing the error. Any advice? This site relies heavily on that plugin.

    Many thanks,


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