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    Is there a way to search through past forum posts, sorted by date, descending?



    I just realized I should be a little more specific. Like when I search for a query, and the results are displayed, can these be sorted according to the method above?


    Syahir Hakim


    The search function in bbPress is not exactly the best in terms of functionality. The general thinking behind bbPress is to focus on the core needs, favouring lightweightness over features.

    You might want to try clicking on the link at the bottom of the search results that says “You may also try your search at Google.”. I find that that yields more relevant results than the bbPress built-in search function.



    Gotcha. Good to know. I also noticed I can “favorite” a thread. So, I’ll probably go back and favorite the ones I use most often when providing help. That should narrow it down significantly.

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