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    I’d like to place a search form on the right side into the header of my site (

    What I did was using an action hook for the header, placed the WP search form in it and it shows. But I can’t get it to align on the right side. I tried a code within the custom CSS i found in a forum. But that didn’t work. I’m certainly not a PHP or CSS expert (yet..:-) and would appreciate any help. And since I’m here: GRAPHENE IS MORE THAN AWESOME!!! I used it twice already….

    Thanks in advance




    Put this in your child-theme style.css, or in custom css:

    #graphene-dynamic-widget-graphene_header {

    But if you change content width you have to adjust it again…



    Hi Luko. Thanks so much for your fast response. Unfortunately it’s not working. I tried that before. I feel I’m missing something but can’t think of any thing..:-(



    Found my mistake. I commented something out…just not the right way. Now everything works. Graphene is good, life’s good, Luko is good..:-) Thanks again.

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