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    I hate asking questions, but I’m out of ideas on this one. I think I’m having a conflict problem with Yoast’s seo plugin. I had this problem before, several months ago, and Syahir told me how to stop the theme from interfering by putting this into the child functions.php file

    <?php //Remove theme styles
    function my_remove_filter(){
    remove_filter( 'wp_title', 'graphene_title' );
    add_action( 'init', 'my_remove_filter' );

    That did the trick for quite awhile. I have version 1.8.3 installed. I haven’t upgraded to 1.8.4 yet because everything I needed works well with the version I have, and I have so many things going on with the child theme.

    To be very specific about the problem:

    • The homepage indexes correctly (as I have set in the SEO plug-in)
    • The category pages index just perfect (as I have set in the SEO plug-in)
    • Pages index pefectly (as I have set in the SEO plug-in)
    • But….the Posts themselves are set to display ONLY the title of the post, but what I’m getting is the post name, followed by the addition of a hyphen and the site title.

    If you do a search in Google for these words, the first one should be it, and you will see the addition of “- Made Worthy”

    rocks and stones their biblical significance

    When I check the URLs with Google’s rich snippets tool, everything shows up perfect, so I can’t figure why it is indexing wrong.

    Any ideas? I can’t understand why it is showing up correctly in Google’s checker, and I do not know how else to possibly duplicate the problem to see what could be happening.

    Thanks for any help guys.

    P.S. I asked for some help on Yoast’s WP support site, and I know everyone will say, “well it’s free and it works good and Yoast works hard,” but Yoast’s plug-in has NO support and I’m seriously thinking of switching to the All-In-One.


    Syahir Hakim


    If the Google rich snippets tool shows the expected result, it’s likely then that Google just haven’t updated their search results cache.

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