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  • Moonsmile


    After an update of the Graphene theme (which we made several weeks ago), the search box became too narrow (please see the right panel on our site: This happened to all our sites that use the theme. Before we made this update, the box was almost twice longer and looked better. Is there a way to fix it?

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    It is just the big distance between the search box and the search button that makes it all look not so good. They look like torn apart, there is no “oneness”.

    I tried to make the column width smaller and it looked overall better. But as a consequence, the whole column is too narrow and that is not what I actually wanted.

    The search box is aligned to the left. And the search button is aligned to the right. And there is a big gab between… I LOVE Graphene and thank you so much for this theme! But this is the only one thing that I don’t like ..

    Thank you,

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