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    I’ve created a facebook feed in a sidebar on my site but for some reason the scroll bars are not behaving the way I expected. I was trying to get everything to stay contained in the text widget but for some reason some links are going oustide of the right side. This is also causing a horizontal scroll bar to appear. Everything is working correctly in firefox but safari and chrome are having the same issue.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Not sure where I went wrong.



    Kenneth John Odle



    Be sure that you are using the latest code that Facebook provides. They are constantly tweaking it. You can also try playing with the settings on the Facebook page where you get the code from.

    Hard to say more without seeing the site in question.



    Hi sorry about the URL.

    Here it is

    The feed seems to be working it’s just not behaving the way I would expect it to given the way I’ve styled it. I’m using the following plugin to create the feed:


    Kenneth John Odle


    for some reason some links are going oustide of the right side

    I am not seeing that. Everything looks good to me.

    Awesome customisation, btw.



    Thanks Kenneth,

    It’s only happening to one link and you have to scroll down in the facebook feed to see it.

    It’s in the “Apr 10th 9:24pm” post. It also only seems to be happening in chrome and safari not firefox. It’s really got me stumped.

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