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  • xala


    Since I just updated the theme I have just lost my custom edits I had made to the css and script code I had done by using the WP editor. Can there be a way to preserve these edits in future?

    Amongst the edits I had done I had floated a logo to the right of the header, changed the header bar colour to a custom style and increased the navigation font size.

    Quite annoying to have to redo that all again!


    Syahir Hakim


    The only way is to use a child theme for complex edits. For purely CSS edits, you can use the new Custom CSS feature in the theme’s Display options page. It should be obvious that editing the theme’s files directly (even by using the WP editor) will cause the changes to be lost when the theme is updated.



    I am fairly new to using WP and it did not occur to me when I went for the update. I will know nest time (how often are there updates?)

    The new custom css is great and a helpful start but doesn’t solve where a relating div id for example would be placed in a file. Guess I’ll just keep a back up record of the edits in future.


    Syahir Hakim


    The best and recommended way to go is really to use a child theme.



    OK – that all new to me thanks. Looking at that link now to learn more.

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