Safest way to move to new host, then change URL

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    I am planning to first move my Graphene site to a new host, then change my URL. It’s a bold and scary move after several years of carefree blogging, but it’s a corporate decision. I am; however, determined to keep Graphene! I recently moved another blog with a different theme to a new host with poor results – lots of broken images and links.

    I know having a Child Theme in place, having the latest WP and Graphene version in place and backing up my site is important. Should I use the theme’s import/export feature?

    I can use any suggestions anyone may have in making my Graphene blog transition go smoothly.

    Much thanks!



    Syahir Hakim


    Usually this is my methodology for moving a site between hosts:

    1. Zip all files in current host, copy the zip file to new host, extract
    2. Use WP Migrate DB plugin to export the database from the current host, taking care to properly define the URL and directory of the new host
    3. Use phpMyAdmin on new host to import the exported database
    4. Login to the site on new host, and resave the permalink settings
    5. Cursory check to see if everything is working properly

    The above is by far the quickest way to move existing sites between hosts, but it can be quite difficult if you’re not familiar with accessing your server’s control panel and using phpMyAdmin.



    Thanks Syahir! I will forward this to my webmaster who will surely find it useful.

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