ru_RU translation bug in 1.8

  • lezz


    After updating from 1.7.3 to 1.8 my ru_RU transtation became broken. capturequ.png

    On my dynamic main page, under the post with 1 comment I can see “%d комментарий”, instead of “1 комментарий” (i.e. “%d comment” instead of “1 comment”.

    (Version 1.8.1 seem to use the same ru_RU translation files as 1.8.)

    It looks like this is the result of changed .po &.mo files. For now, I’m going to use translation from 1.7.3.

    I’m not sure how do i contact translation author directly, so I’m just posting this here.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi lezz,

    You can let the translator know by joining the Graphene Theme developers and translators group, and then posting a message to that group. Active translators are subscribed to that group as well, so they will see your message.



    Hi ,

    Thanks for your suggestion! I’ve just posted the same stuff here.

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