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    2 questions:

    1. In Firefox my Posts have round corners (right top only). Now i also want round corners in IE. How do i do this?

    2. Is it possible do get al corners rounded? So instead off only the right top i would also like the left top en bottom en the right bottom corners to be round.

    Again thanks in advance!



    Hi Jill

    Q1. Rounded Corners in IE

    None of the IEs support border-radius, not even IE8. When Microsoft released IE8, it’s almost as if they tried to catch up with browsers that were out when they released IE7. Don’t get me wrong, they fixed a lot and I wouldn’t trade even something small like display: table-cell for border-radius. Try read this link:

    Q2. You can have rounded in top/buttom corners left or right by adding the CSS code in the CSS group You want to change 🙂


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