Responsive tables don't work well.

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    Have a look at on a large screen.

    As you resize the window,

    first the sidebar is relocated below the page content (correctly)

    then the text in the table cells suddenly stops flowing into several lines.

    So the table cells become very wide, which makes them difficult to read (especially on phones).

    I’ve tested this with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera on the Mac and Safari on the iPhone.

    Other themes that I’ve tested work in a much more predictable and user-friendly way (Twenty-Fifteen, Twenty-Sixteen, Responsive, GovPress)

    I had a quick look at the code and couldn’t figure out how what the problem was


    In case I am testing a different theme when you visit the URL above, here are two screen shots

    With Franz Josef


    With 2016




    error – deleted



    More information:

    As I resize the browser window and make it narrower,

    the table flips into super-wide mode at the point when the menu at the top of the page is replaced by the symbol with three little horizontal bars.







    Any fix for this. I just signed up to ask a similar question as I was having the same issue on a new site i’m building.

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