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    Is anyone aware of being able to have the theme detect the users screen resolution and display a column configuration as set by me for a range of resolutions.

    I’m hoping that for resolutions above 1300px horizontally that I can have 2 sidebars and main content, for 1024px displays it goes down to one sidebar and main content, and for anything lower, have only the main content column displayed with the previous sidebar’s widgets displaying at the bottom of the page.

    I’ve currently got the site set with 1 sidebar on the right set with an overall resolution of 1024px for compatibility of anyone out there still using this res and also for anyone viewing the page in portrait mode at 1080×1920, but when the screen is viewed by the majority of 1920×1080 screens, I feel that the empty areas at the edges are too large and even though I’m going to be filling this space with artwork, I would actually like to duplicate the left sidebar into a right sidebar at this resolution.

    My website is

    Appreciate any help on this, not sure if this topic needs to be in the future requested updates section.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can probably achieve this in a child theme with some @media queries and changing the floats of the elements you mentioned.

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