Resizing Thumbnails in Slider

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    Syahir Hakim

    (didn’t get an error yet)

    That means it works 🙂

    With the blue border being removed (image it does look better without the border, BTW), the slider box has been pushed up. In other words, it appears the padding (what was blue and becomes clear) has stayed on right, bottom, and left – but not on top. And it doesn’t look centered (hard to tell because the excerpt is chopped – may be an optical illusion on the left-right centering in the left column).

    As for the CSS, I looked for code within the Graphene Style Sheet and couldn’t find anything related to the excerpt on the slider. Would you happen to have something I could cut/paste into the Graphene Child Style Sheet?

    Try changing the slider style back to what you want so that I can take a look.

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